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Family Law

With two certified family law specialists in our firm, we provide advice and representation to individuals in need of services regarding dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, custody of minor children, creation of child sharing schedules (visitation), child support, spousal support (alimony), premarital agreements and establishing paternity. We also represent grandparents who may be seeking custody of, or visitation with, their grandchildren. Whether you just want to know your rights, are ready to file a new case, or want to modify existing court orders, our attorneys have been providing family law services to San Diego County families since 1972.

Our attorneys understand that going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences a family can have. Whether your case is highly contested or amicable, our experienced attorneys will provide you with expert representation that is based on a unique strategy that fits your family’s unique situation. Just as no two families are alike, no two family law cases are alike.

Whether parties have estates comprised of modest community property and limited or no debt, or have significant assets and high debt, our attorneys aggressively advocate for the best interests of our clients to divide real and personal property and obligations in family law actions. We diligently work to preserve your assets to the highest extent possible under California law.

One of the most difficult situations a family can experience is the presence of domestic violence. Our attorneys are committed to assist men and women in obtaining appropriate restraining orders when those protections are needed to keep you and your family members safe.

The issues in family law cases are often complex and emotional. It is important to have legal representation provided by highly experienced, ethical attorneys who understand the nuances of each case, and who are committed to help parties get through the legal process as quickly as possible, while preserving your financial and emotional well-being. Our attorneys are committed to provide the highest level of representation to you in all aspects of your case.

James Talley has been a Family Law Specialist since 1980 and a Workers’ Compensation Specialist since 1987, having been certified in both specialties by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization.
James W. Talley Family Law Specialist
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Robert Wood has been a Certified Family Law Specialist since 1997.  His practice consists of Family Law (divorce, custody, support, property division, mediation, special master) and Estate Planning (Trusts, Wills, Health Directives, Powers of Attorney).

Robert C. Wood Family Law Attorney
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